Science H.W. (29/01/18)

Dear Learners,

Spell Task: Write the following words three times in the NB-1 using the rule Look-Cover-SayCheck-Write.
Seismograph, Tremors, Richter Scale, Mythical, Collision, Devastation, Tsunami, Phenomenon, Lightning, Accumulation, Interaction, Convention.

Application Task: Answer the following NB-1

1) What are the two kinds of electric charges?

2) What kind of electric charge is acquired:

a) by a glass rod rubbed with silk cloth?

b) by a plastic comb rubbed with dry hair?

3) A negatively charged object attracts another charged object placed near it. What is the nature of charge on another object?

[Time: 15 minutes                             MI: Verbal                                RBT: Understanding]

Special Time-Table till sports Day

Mon: Maths, Eng, SS, Sc, Hindi

Tue: Maths, Eng, SS, Sc, Hindi

Wed: Maths, Eng, SS, Sc, TL

Thurs: Maths, CS, SS, Sc, Hindi

Fri: Maths, Eng, SS, Sc, Hindi


Science H.W. (27/12/17)

Dear Learners,

completion Task: Complete the leftover questions of ch-14 in NB-2. Also, answer the following:

  1. Explain three uses of electroplating.
  2. Write equations of electroplating at cathode and anode.

Science H.W. (20/12/17)

Dear Learners,

Vocabulary task:  Read the chapter-14 and write the new words three times in NB-2 by following the rule of Look-cover –say check –write.

Electrolyte, Chemical Effects, Electrode, Cathode, Anode, Cations, Anions, LED (Light Emitting Diode), Conductor, Insulator, Electroplating

Textual Task: Do Q 2, 3, 7 and 8 in NB-2

Note: Submit your Science NB-1 tomorrow without fail. (Ignore the message if already checked)

Science H.W. (07/12/17)

Dear Learners,

Completion Task: Complete the leftover textual Questions in NB-1.

  1. What is noise pollution? How does it affect human beings? What are the measures to control it?
  2. Describe various musical instruments with examples.
  3. Voice of women is usually shrill compared to men. Give reasons.
  4. Why can’t we hear sound on the moon?
  5. What is SONAR? (Research and come)