Science H.W. (07/12/17)

Dear Learners,

Completion Task: Complete the leftover textual Questions in NB-1.

  1. What is noise pollution? How does it affect human beings? What are the measures to control it?
  2. Describe various musical instruments with examples.
  3. Voice of women is usually shrill compared to men. Give reasons.
  4. Why can’t we hear sound on the moon?
  5. What is SONAR? (Research and come)

Science H.W. (20/11/17)

Dear Learners,

Writing Task:  Answer the following in your NB-2:

  1. Define friction.
  2. You spill a bucket of soapy water on a marble floor accidentally. Would it make it easier or more difficult for you to walk on the floor? Why?
  3. Iqbal has to push a lighter box and Seema has to push a similar heavier box on the same floor. Who will have to apply a larger force and why?

Science H.W. (18/11/17)

Dear Learners,

  1. Completion Task: Complete Q 8, 9 and 10 in NB-1
  2. Why are women advised not to wear high heeled shoes?
  3. How are you able to drink juice using a straw?
  4. Raju applies a force of 36N on an area of 4m2. How much pressure does he exert?
  5. How does the pressure of a liquid depend on its depth? Explain with the help of an experiment.

Science H.W. (17/11/17)

Application Task: Answer the following in NB-1

  1. Define Pressure. Write its S.I. unit.

2. Name the instrument, which is used to measure liquid pressure.

3. If the area over which the force acts decreases, the pressure increases. (true/false)

4. Why is it difficult to hold a school bag having a strap made of a thin and strong string?

5. Why Porters wear turbans when they have to carry heavy loads on their heads?

6. Why the cutting edge of a knife should be as sharp as possible?

7. Why Lorries and trucks carrying heavy loads have 8 tyres instead of four?

[Time: 20 minutes                  MI: Logical                             RBT: Application]