Question Bank for Ch-2 History


History H.W

Q 1 Read the source given and answer the questions:

Newspapers provide accounts of the movements in different parts of the country. Here is a report of a police strike in 1946. More than 2000 policemen in Delhi refused to take their food on Thursday morning as a protest against their low salaries and the bad quality of food supplied to them from the Police Lines kitchen.
As the news spread to the other police stations, the men there also refused to take food … One of the strikers said: “The food supplied to us from the Police Lines kitchen is not fit for human consumption. Even cattle would not eat the chapattis and dal which we have to eat.”

  1. Do you remember the source of this literary evidence?
  2. To which event this source is related?
  3. What was the grievance of the policemen?
  4. What is the importance of this type of literary sources?

2.Picture based question

Answer the following questions related to above picture: (1+2+1)

  1. Who is depicted in this picture?
  2. Why are old advertisements important to us?
  3. What does this advertisement suggest?