Swachhata Divas

Tomorrow  i.e  5 /10 /17  each student should  bring  – 1 duster, some cleaning fluid in a small spare bottle that can be easily carried in bag for Swachhata Divas in school.


Painting Competition on Wednesday 20th Sept 2017

Dear Learners,
There is painting Competition on Energy Conservation by CBSE. It will be held on Wednesday i.e 20th Sept.
Students should bring A4 size paper and materials for painting like crayons, paints, colour pencils etc. They can choose any one topic from the topics given below.
Group B ( Classes 7, 8 and 9)
Switch off light when outside is bright
No excuse for energy misuse
Energy Saving Mission, make a Passion

Painting Competition

On 1st  September, there is a CBSE Painting Competition for classes 5-10 organised by PCRA.

Students should bring A3 size Art Sheet as well as colours (Pencil colours, crayons or water colours).

TOPIC: Small Steps Of Fuel Conservation can make a big change

Use of Collage/Patchwork is not permitted in the paintings at all levels of competition.

Eligibility: Two categories:

  • Students of classes 5 – 7 (Junior)
  • Students of classes 8 – 10 (Senior)