Annual Function Timing For 15/12/17

Annual Function Timing For 15-12-17


Quiz Competition Result(Prelims)

Dear Learners,

Following is the list of students who are selected for the final quiz competition on Saturday.

Agni House

Archi Godhani 9 A

Janvi Vekariya 8A

Bhumi House

Preet Brijani  8B

Dev Patel    10 A

Dhatu House

Charu Bajaj   8B

Shreya Sutaria   8A

Jalam House

Panthi Patel   9A

Bhumi Piruka   8B

Jivam House

Dhriti Naik   9A

Anushka Saxena  8A

Vayu House

Het Patel 10 A

Jay Gandhi 8A