Math HW and Practice(13.12.17)

Dear Learners,
Complete the remaining questions of Ex.12.1 in NB2. Bring NB2 on Monday without fail.
Practice the extra textual questions in my diary. Ask your doubts, if any, in class.
Complete the charts for maths mela.

8 math hw


Science H.W. (07/12/17)

Dear Learners,

Completion Task: Complete the leftover textual Questions in NB-1.

  1. What is noise pollution? How does it affect human beings? What are the measures to control it?
  2. Describe various musical instruments with examples.
  3. Voice of women is usually shrill compared to men. Give reasons.
  4. Why can’t we hear sound on the moon?
  5. What is SONAR? (Research and come)